Monday, August 10, 2009

Free 3-Day Repair Workshop

We have a 3-day hands-on American Clay repair workshop coming up the first week of September (1st-3rd, possibly the 4th). Shaylor Alley, Vice President of American Clay's Commercial Division, will be the trainer. This workshop is FREE, and the number of attendees will be strictly limited. There will be a $30 fee for food & refreshments.

This is a unique training in that there are a number of issues with the application we will be working on. This is a class on “the call about fixing another applicator’s project”, you all are likely to get one of these calls, and what better way to prepare than actually do one of them. This is a working “application” training- real walls, real finish- no “demo walls”. The class will have time to discuss cost, pricing, bidding etc… for these types of issues and focuses on Enjarre- American Clay’s newest and potentially most saleable product from a cost perspective.

People traveling from out of town are welcome to contact me with questions regarding accommodations. We will be working in Goochland, Virginia, and the best place to stay is likely Richmond's West End (Short Pump, Glen Allen areas).

If interested in attending, please RSVP with a $30 deposit. For the remittance address, you are welcome to email or call me at 804-475-9645.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creativity abounds in clay...

During my American Clay workshop on Saturday, one of my students got a little creative and crafted her version of the American Clay logo on her practice board. Very fun! This class was full of talent and good ideas. I'm glad we all had a chance to come together! Be sure to check out the short video detailing some of the class happenings in our next post.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Successful August Class

So, today's clay class was attended by folks from around the state, only 2 of which were from Richmond. This surprises me - People will drive for hours, sometimes even pay for a flight and hotel accommodations for this class, but very few are from our own city! I'd be curious to hear the experience of other clay trainers around the country - Where do your students come from?

During last month's 2-day professional training with Shaylor Alley, the students applied a base coat on the walls throughout our training area. Today, our students applied a beautiful top-coat of Mauna Loa Marittimo. While some students worked on this wall, others compressed an adjacent Wild Horse Smoke Porcelina wall. Once finished, we spent our last 2 hours trying out a variety of special effects and learning the basics of repairs. I was very impressed with the creativity of this crew!

We have another training coming up on Saturday, September 5th, with several spaces still available. To sign up, please contact me (Carrie) at, or call 804.475.9645.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Video Description of our Upcoming Clay Workshops

We have 1 spot left in our August workshop! RSVP by emailing Carrie at, or by calling at 804.475.9645.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

200-year-old Clay Walls!

This photo was taken a few weeks back during a consultation with a family in Rustburg, Virginia who seek help restoring their farmhouse. The walls are made from a mixture of Virginia red clay, lime, and hog hair, among other things. Over the years, the walls have begun to fail in different places, and the family is hoping to save them. They turned to us for help, hoping that American Clay may be a good solution. Unfortunately, AC is a veneer plaster, not one that would help repair the walls. we offered to try to help find some plasterers skilled in historic renovations and techniques. If anyone has an idea of where we might find a good resource, please email me. It would be greatly appreciated!

Decorative Techniques

A client recently requested to see some designs of decorative elements for their home. There are clay walls throughout the space, and the homeowners are looking to integrate some of the colors from their Mexican tiles and Southwestern-style furnishings. After perusing a variety of patterns and techniques, we've started by accenting this recessed niche with rich mineral-based pigment. These pigments are fade-resistant, and will remain brilliant for years to come.

Next up, a custom Mexican motif to accent an archway in their dining room. Stay tuned for more photos!

Monday, July 13, 2009

American Clay, a Natural Mold Deterrent

A dear friend of mine recently bought a house that has a nightmare bathroom. Many years with poor air circulation and too much humidity has resulted in quite a moldy space. Having heard so much about American Clay, she remembers me talking about the clay's natural mold-inhibiting qualities. She's remediating the mold problem now so I can get in there and trowel it with a beautiful coat of Sugarloaf White. When we're done, her mold won't return.

Several clients specifically seeked me out because I work with this health-supportive product. Asthma, breathing problems, mold and dust allergies...If you or someone you know is considering renovations, consider a healthier alternative to traditional products. My clients say their walls give them more than just a beautiful space to enjoy. They provide peace of mind.